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Custom-Made Products: All TRU GEAR toolbelt products are meticulously custom-made to meet your specifications. Due to this personalized nature, we regret to inform you that once an order reaches the processing state, it cannot be returned or refunded.

Understanding Customization: We encourage you to thoroughly understand all customization options before finalizing your purchase. Please take the time to ensure that your selections accurately reflect your preferences, as changes can only be accommodated prior to the commencement of production.

Payment and Refund Policy: For every order, full payment is required in advance. Once your order enters the processing state, it becomes non-refundable. This is because our team begins the intricate process of crafting your custom product.

Additional Custom Details: Should you require additional custom details that go beyond the standard options, they will be subject to an extra charge. The cost of these customizations may vary based on factors such as complexity and materials needed. An individual invoice will be provided for any extra work requested.

Lead Times: Lead times are provided as a rough estimate of the time required to craft your order. For a more precise estimate of when your order will be ready, we recommend reaching out to TRU GEAR through our social media channels or


Platform and Payment System: Our shop operates on the Ecwid by Lightspeed platform. All payments are processed through the STRIPE payment system, which is designed to provide secure and reliable transactions.

Common Payment Issues: While we strive for seamless transactions, problems can occasionally arise during the payment process. Here are some common issues and suggestions for resolution:

Wrong Billing Address: Please ensure that the billing address you provide matches the one associated with your payment card. Mismatched addresses can lead to payment failure.

Name Accuracy: Double-check that the name entered during checkout matches the name on your payment card. Misspelled names or missing middle names can trigger payment issues.

International Payment Flags: If your payment is flagged by your bank as an international transaction, you might need to get in touch with your bank. They can provide assistance in authorizing international payments.

Contacting Your Bank: In case of payment issues, it's a good practice to reach out to your bank. They can provide valuable insights into why the payment might not be going through. They might need to adjust settings or provide authorization for the transaction.

If you experience any payment problems beyond these common issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you navigate any challenges and ensure your payment goes through smoothly.


Shipping Options: We offer a variety of tracked shipping options for all orders. Please note that we do not provide free shipping. At checkout, make sure to select the shipping option that corresponds to your region for accurate pricing and delivery estimates.

Shipping Origin: All orders are dispatched from Lithuania, European Union.

Optimizing Shipping Experience: Our commitment to providing the best shipping experience has led us to collaborate with various shipping companies. This allows us to offer optimal shipping options that combine fast delivery times and competitive prices for each region around the world.

Potential Shipping Delays: In certain instances, global circumstances beyond our control may cause shipping times to be longer than anticipated. Similarly, pricing might change after an order has been placed. We appreciate your understanding in such cases.

Responsibility for Lost Orders: TRU GEAR cannot be held responsible for any orders lost by shipping companies. While we strive to work with reliable partners, unforeseen circumstances can occur during transit.

Accuracy of Delivery Address: To ensure successful delivery, it's crucial to provide the correct delivery address during checkout. TRU GEAR cannot be held accountable for lost packages if an incorrect delivery address was provided at the time of order placement.

Recommended Shipping Method: We highly recommend selecting courier companies over postal services due to their superior insurance policies. Postal packages often have limited insurance coverage for lost items, whereas courier companies generally offer more comprehensive coverage.


Customs Duty Tax and VAT: When shipping to various economical regions around the world, it's important to be aware that your package might be subject to customs duty tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) at the border. While these charges are unavoidable, it's worth noting that some countries offer exemptions from such taxes based on their laws and regulations.

Customer Responsibility for Tax Charges: Please understand that TRU GEAR cannot assume responsibility for any tax charges that may be incurred when moving packages across different economical regions. These charges are imposed by the respective customs and tax authorities and are the responsibility of the customer to settle.

Best Strategies for Placing Large Orders: If you're considering placing a large order, we recommend reaching out to TRU GEAR beforehand. Our team is available to provide guidance and insights into the best strategies for placing your order, particularly in terms of customs and tax implications. This can help you navigate the process more smoothly and efficiently.


Custom-Made Products and Warranty Claims: All TRU GEAR toolbelt products are crafted to your specific requirements, which makes a universal warranty unattainable. Each warranty claim will be assessed individually to ensure fair and accurate resolution.

2-Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty: All TRU GEAR toolbelt products come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty is applicable exclusively to the original owner of the product. It covers cases where a product malfunctions due to faulty manufacturing.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage: Please note that the warranty does not cover damages resulting from mechanical wear, chemical exposure, fire damage, physical breaks, or cuts. These conditions fall outside the scope of the warranty.

4-Year Support for All TRU GEAR Products: In addition to the 2-year

manufacturing defect warranty, all TRU GEAR products are eligible for 4-year support. This means that if any issues arise with your toolbelt, which are not covered by the warranty, we offer the option to repair it if feasible. In such cases, the buyer is responsible for covering the shipping expenses.


Performance-Oriented Approach: At TRU GEAR, our products are designed with a focus on performance, ease of use, customization, and weight. While these qualities contribute to an outstanding product experience, it's important to note that durability is not the primary characteristic. Our 3 lbs TRU GEAR toolbelt, for example, cannot be directly compared to other brand's 5 lb, 7 lbs, or 9 lbs toolbelts with durability in mind.

Not Recommended for Rough Usage or Environments: We want to be upfront about the intended use of our products. We DO NOT RECOMMEND our products for individuals who are hard on their gear or work in challenging environments, such as concrete formwork. An analogy is to consider our products like racing cars designed for track use. While they can be built to the highest specifications and quality, they may not withstand the demands of off-road racing environments. Similarly, an off-road truck would not be competitive in a racing circuit.

Performance Over Longevity: It's crucial to understand that our products are engineered with a focus on performance rather than creating heritage pieces intended to last for 10+ years. This does not imply that we intentionally design our products to have a short lifespan. Instead, we choose to construct them with intricate patterns and multiple redundant stitches, which are purposefully designed to wear out and fail in a sequence that ensures your toolbelt's longevity.

Usual Fail Points: Failures in our products are typically due to the limited 2-layer construction and exposed flat bottom design, rather than issues with assembly or stitches coming apart.


Example of manufacturing defect 
(9 months wear)


Example of mechanical wear.
(6 months of concrete formwork)
Not covered by warranty


Example of  wear
(16 months of framing)


Example of  wear
(9 months of siding)


General Care Guidelines: While TRU GEAR products are designed for durability, maintaining overall cleanliness can extend their lifespan. Dust and debris, particularly from abrasive materials like rock or concrete, can act as abrasive agents on the fabric, similar to how climbing ropes wear out.

Belt Care: For belts, we recommend hand washing in warm water with soap to remove dirt and maintain their condition. Avoid using a washing machine or hot water, as these can cause the wool liner to shrink. After washing, allow the belt to air dry naturally.

Pouch Care: Pouches can also be hand washed in warm water. However, if you prefer, they can be machine washed using a lower temperature setting. Air drying is recommended for pouches as well.

Avoid Using a Dryer: To preserve the integrity of your TRU GEAR products, we strongly advise against using a dryer. Dryers can negatively impact foam, plastic components, and wool parts of the toolbelt, leading to potential issues down the line.

SHOE GOO is a product for protection of high wearing parts. This can be used on most worn parts of the toolbelt to protect it against mechanical wear

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