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What is TRU WAY? All my life I used expression TRU as a way to describe something real, pure, solid. Something that is true to its purpose to the very core of it. That is exactly how we see TRU GEAR, its a platform for us to explore toolbelts and gear in a TRU WAY. We do not take NO for an answer, we do not make compromises. We do not believe in perfection, but rather in progression. We are always looking for ways to improve something, to make it better, to find new and fresh ideas and solutions to old problems. 


How TRU started?


At that point I decided to give it a try and make myself a perfect setup. With zero experience sewing and very little understanding  about toolbelts, I have spent countless hours analyzing every setup I could get my hands on, watched every youtube video I could find, my mom taught me basics on sewing machine and I went ahead. The first tries were absolutely horrible, but it gave me confidence to keep on trying.


Prior to starting TRU I was pursuing career as mountain bike trail builder and it led me to working on wooden skateparks. Thats where I learned about TOOLBELTS, thing that was not common here in Europe. Building skateparks is a lot like building a house from ground up, you end up doing a lot of different aspects of construction ant that requires you to have flexible skillset and very specific gear in order to work efficiently. I have looked for a toolbelt that would be perfect for the work I do, but everything seemed to be off, just not right.


For 9 months I was absolutely obsessed with the process of learning, designing and trying. I managed to make couple sets that were actually OK and at that moment I realized I might be onto something. I quit my job, bought  30 year old sewing machine, few meters of Cordura and started TRU.

What is TRU

TRU started as my personal project, I was curious to see if I can make some toolbelts or other gear. One thing led to another and it grew. Now TRU is up and coming brand in construction gear world. We focus on innovating and finding new solutions to the old problems. Unmatched customization options and attention to customers needs, sets us apart from the field. 

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